3 Things You Need To Open a Bar

Bars have been popular gathering spots for decades. Opening a bar can be a rewarding and profitable experience, but there are some must-haves you must gather before you serve your first customer. Here are three of the things you will need to open your bar.

1. Liquor License

You can not legally serve alcohol without first obtaining an alcohol license Dallas TX. To receive your license, you must be at least 21 years of age, have no felony convictions in the past five years, have not violated any state alcohol laws in the past two years and not have any moral turpitude violations of liquor laws in the past six months. You will also need to present documentation that your business is located in an area zoned for serving alcohol and late hour sales. There are many different types of licenses. You can contact the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to determine which one you need. 

2. Unique Idea

There are more than 60,000 bars in the United States. If you want yours to stand out from all the rest, then you will need to think of a way to make it unique. You could open a bar that serves a niche clientele that is underserved in your area. You could choose a theme, such as sports, billiards or Irish Pub. You could focus on serving on particular types of alcoholic beverages or even brew your own. 

3. Memorable Name and Logo

The name and logo you choose for your business is how customers and potential customers will remember you. The more memorable your name and logo are, the more likely people are to think of your business the next time they are searching for a new bar to visit. 

Opening a bar is a challenging and exciting business opportunity. Making sure you have these three things in place before you open your doors will help you be successful.