E-2 Visa Approvals Could Occur With Minimal Investments

Under a certain number of visa programs, foreign nationals that wish to put money into the United States for business purposes are required to invest capital into the country before approval of their visa application can occur. For the Immigrant Investor EB-5 visa, the investment hovers around the $900,000 mark. New information from the Government Accountability Office suggests that as many as two-thirds of those applying for entry under an E-2 visa application are being approved with much lower investments, as low as $200,000. Further, some 30 percent have been approved with a $100,000 investment. If you are considering an E-2 visa application, an E2 visa Los Angeles lawyer can help, and ensure you meet the minimum requirements for approval.

The E-2 Explained

The E-2 visa program is a Treaty Investor program that is managed by the Department of State. It allows foreign nationals from an approved list of countries to come to America and open a business. An existing trade treaty between the two nations, such as NAFTA, must exist, before a visa can be approved. The applicant, their spouse, and dependents under the age of 21 will all be approved for work permits in the United States.

To apply, applicants must show they are invested in the country with a minimal investment. Current reporting indicates that investment can be as low as $100,000. There are other work visas available for foreigners who are not opening a business or do not have that capital.

How Long Does the Process Take

The process can take as long as 6 months. The Government Accountability Office report indicates that between 2014 and 2018, 54,000 applications were received, and “over 80 percent” were approved.

Contact a Lawyer

If you are applying for entry into the United States with an E-2 visa, contact an immigration lawyer that can help you meet the investment requirements more expediently than if you did so on your own.